Clutch Repairs

Clutch Repairs

Professional Clutch Repairs, Replacements and Diagnostics

Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning offers over 30 years’ combined experience in diagnosing, fixing and replacing clutches in cars, four wheel drives, buses, motor homes and trucks up to eight tonnes.

As specialists in this unique aspect of vehicle mechanics, we have the skills, tools and parts necessary to perform high-quality clutch repairs and get you back on the road sooner. We can even perform repairs to clutch hydraulic systems.

No more worrying that the clutch will slip or fail on you – we’re here to help.

Signs your vehicle may require a clutch repair or replacement

  • Pedal position is incorrect
  • You hear grinding when trying to select gears
  • The clutch keeps slipping when you use it
  • General gearbox problems – these can be related to the clutch

We provide free quotes over the phone!

Unlike a gearbox which is made up of hundreds of individual components, there are only three components to a clutch. This makes them easier to troubleshoot for problems – if one component is faulty, it is recommended that you replace all three for consistency.

This makes clutch problems simpler to diagnose and therefore we can provide fairly accurate quotes for your repair over the phone. Simply call us on (07) 4755 0866 today to discuss the problem.

The Clutch Repair Process

Here is what you can expect when you contact Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning:

  • Call (07) 4755 0866 for a free quote estimate

A specialist from the team will discuss your clutch problems with you over the phone. We may ask you to describe the symptoms and explain what’s going on when you drive the vehicle. With this information, we should be able to provide a quote, before booking your vehicle in for a service.

  • Bring your vehicle into the workshop

Visit our Townsville workshop at 3/15 Gurney Street, Garbutt and we will perform further diagnostics. We are committed to finding the core problem, so as to provide a long-lasting repair or replacement. Your initial quote can then be confirmed or modified after the full inspection.

  • Our specialists perform the service

Our team will then either perform a comprehensive repair or replacement of the clutch. We use only the highest-quality parts and pride ourselves on industry-leading workmanship, so you can have peace of mind when you drive away.

Get a free quote for your clutch!

Call Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning on (07) 4755 0866 today to discuss your clutch problems. We will provide a quote and book you in for a service.

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