Gearbox Repairs

Gearbox Repairs

Visit Townsville’s Gearbox Repair Experts for All Your Gearbox Problems

The Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning team aren’t your traditional mechanics – we specialise in diagnosing, repairing and replacing manual gearboxes in cars, four wheel drives, buses, and trucks.

We have the niche expertise needed for dismantling and reassembling gearboxes, delicately sorting through their hundreds of components and identifying faults or problem areas. With a fully equipped workshop armed with specialised gearbox tools, equipment, and parts, we’ve got you covered.

Six signs that your gearbox may need servicing

  1. There are noises or whining in one or more gears
  2. You are unable to select one or more gears
  3. You can hear a crunching sound when changing gears
  4. The vehicle consistently jumps out of the selected gear
  5. You are having difficulty selecting gears
  6. The vehicle has lost drive

How We Help

After diagnosing the problem with your gearbox, we will usually recommend one of two options:

  1. If the gearbox has major faults, we may suggest a complete unit exchange. This would involve replacing your current gearbox with a reconditioned gearbox – we have a wide range of high-functioning gearboxes in stock and can offer a fixed price for this replacement. This is usually the faster option, as we can perform a gearbox replacement in just one day.


  1. If the unit can be fixed, we can perform a comprehensive gearbox repair service. This may take between three to seven days. Complicated cases could take longer, but we will advise on the expected timeline when you receive your initial quote. All gearbox repairs are carried out by our experienced team and performed in the workshop for full quality control.

All of our gearboxes are covered by a 12-month warranty, giving you enhanced peace of mind.

The Gearbox Repair Process

Here is what you can expect when you contact Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning:

  • Visit our gearbox workshop – no appointments necessary!

Got a problem with your gearbox? Visit our workshop at 3/15 Gurney Street, Garbutt, and our highly experienced specialists will provide a solution. You are welcome to call us on (07) 4755 0866 with any questions beforehand, or to get a quote estimate, but please feel free to drop by at your convenience.

  • We will perform tests and diagnose the problem

As specialists in the field, we have the tools and expertise to carry out thorough gearbox diagnostics. Comprehensive testing is performed to ensure we identify the fault – this may include a test drive and other professional assessments.

  • Receive your free quote

A free quote is provided upon completion of all diagnostics and testing. If your gearbox needs to be exchanged with a reconditioned unit instead of a repair service, this will be a fixed price.

  • We will carry out the gearbox repair or replace with a reconditioned unit

If you opt to proceed, we will then perform the service. If it is a simple gearbox replacement straight from the shelf, this will only take a day to complete. If we are performing gearbox repairs on your current unit, this can take up to three days or longer if we need to order any spare parts.

Looking for a new gearbox?

While we are renowned for stocking a huge range of reconditioned gearboxes, in some cases we can also supply new gearboxes at competitive prices.

Important information regarding exchange units

Please be aware that if we are sending our exchange unit out first, we request a Security Deposit. This will be refunded immediately upon receiving the exchange unit.

Get a free gearbox quote!

Get back on the road sooner with a functioning gearbox covered by our 12 month warranty. Call Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning on (07) 4755 0866 today.

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