Modify Your Vehicle to Suit Your Unique Performance Needs

Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning specialises in carrying out performance modifications and enhancements to cars and four wheel drives.

Whether it’s for competition or just your own functionality needs, our team have the performance parts, skills and tools necessary for improving your gearbox, clutch, differential, driveline and more.

We regularly fit performance parts and perform alterations and modifications that involve:

  • Fitting differential lockers
  • Upgrading from a standard gearbox to suit stronger horsepower
  • Upgrading clutch systems for higher clamping load
  • Altering gear ratios to suit unique driving needs
  • Upgrading axles, CVs, steering components and suspension
  • Heavy duty and sports performance clutches
  • Sports gear shifters
  • Individual improved gearbox parts
  • Performance chips and power upgrades

Of course, this is just a sample of the many extraordinary performance improvements we can make to your vehicle. With the right tools and parts, combined with our expertise, the sky is the limit.

The team here at Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning are avid performance competition enthusiasts ourselves! So we would be more than happy to discuss your performance needs.

Enhance your vehicle with performance modifications!

Call Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning on (07) 4755 0866 today to discuss the alterations you need for your vehicle. We’ll help you drive with the power and functionality you need.

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